About Roger's Journey

     In my healing quest, my focus has always been

1. > to seek out answers to important health concerns that people may have. 
2. > to provide the latest cutting-edge healing alternatives to the traditional medical approach.
3. > to find solutions to problems in a quick, easy & safe way.
4. > to support the body to be healed naturally in a timely manor.

My Education and Work History

From 1974 - 1984, I worked as the staff Iridologist, Herbalist and Nutritionist at the Wholistic Health and Nutrition Institute (WHN) in Mill Valley, California.
In 1976, I received an Honorary Degree as a "Nutritional Consultant " from North American College in Marin County, California.
In 1977, I started doing "Medical Dowsing" to determine the health of the organs, glands, and other miscellaneous conditions in the body, .Medical Dowsing  can be done remotely for anyone living anywhere, on the planet. I need your permission to do this process.
In 1982, I completed the required studies to be recognized as a "Registered Certified Herbalist", Registration # 1026" by the International Institute for Herbal Studies, for having completed and  "Mastered the Art of Compounding Herbs".
In 1989, I moved to Kauai, Hawaii and created a company called BODYtalk. I gained a noted reputation on Kauai as an effective and trusted holistic practitioner. After discovering and mastering the added benefits of N.E.T (Neuro-Emotional-Technique) and C.R.A. (Contact Reflex Analysis), I solidified my reputation by delivering profound results in the areas of personal empowerment, physical wellness, emotional stability, and spiritual growth.
In 2004, I renamed my business to BODY EXPRESSIONS while living in San Clemente, California. Since I temporary relocated from Kauai, my entire clientele was based on referrals:  from doctors, health practitioners, clients, business associates, friends and family members.
In 2008, I moved to Marina Del Rey, California to teach healthy living classes and to expand my client base to a more diverse audience. I wanted to target people who were looking to move deeper into their own power and teach clients how to access their own healing ability, to heal themselves  through self-empowerment and knowledge of their own body's wisdom to heal itself.
In 2011, I started travelling Internationally to teach and explore other healing techniques & possibilities around the world. During my travels, I was able to explore and met Shamans, who taught me medicinal herbs for various conditions.  I met healers in: Panama, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Thailand, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Canada. It was an amazing journey to say the least.
After 6 years of traveling, I relocated back to Kauai to resume my healing practice and teaching what I learned while traveling. I brought new energy into the healing community of Kauai, with new perspective of  powerful healing techniques that I learned while traveling the globe.
In 2017, I was invited to speak on the International stage in Frankfurt, Germany and presented my healing work to over 500 attendees. While in Germany, I demonstrated various healing techniques I had learned over the course of my more than 46 years of hands-on healing.
In 2020, I expanded my healing modalities to include studying the "Morphogenic Field Technique" This NEW modality for me broadened my scope of possibilities of healing the body from an energetic level. The focus was to test the energy field around the body to see what the body was "Interested in getting more information about of what was being presented to the body"
This testing allowed me to get a BIGGER picture of what was going on within a person’s energy field that is affecting their current health, in a positive or negative way. Click this link HERE 
In late 2020, I added "Remote/Personalized Body Dowsing" sessions for people living ANYWHERE on the Planet. that wanted my help in healing themselves on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Click HERE for more info.
In 2021, I opened a sister company called "Merlin's Medicinals". I created a product called "ON PURPOSE" which is a 4-Step Alignment System to facilitate your Purpose in Life. This 4 step process shows & demonstrates how to balance the energy fields within & around the body to help people connect to their own Healing Heart Energy by taking flower & gem essences, inhaling pure Rose oil, and doing a guided meditation that will balance the energy fields within and around your body.
In 2022, I re-discovered a herbal formula that I had known about for the past 30 years. It's called "Essiac Tea" created by Rennie Caisse ( which is her name spelled backwards) a Red Cross nurse from Canada. It's an amazing formula, that has been a healing experience for hundreds of thousands of people, Worldwide.
This year 2022, is the 100 year anniversary of "Essiac Tea " now being offered to the public, Worldwide for the past 100 years.  For details on "Essiac Tea" go to this link:
I have recreated Essiac Tea in a tincture form called Immuna-T.
To access this product go to this LINK