Creation of the "ON PURPOSE" elixir

Made on Feb. 27, 2021 (Full ​Moon Day) the "ON PURPOSE" elixir was created. 

Featuring: ON PURPOSE
      Merlin’s Medicinals is most known for the “On Purpose” 4-Step Alignment System, it is an effective way to connect you to the Healing Power of your Heart.  LOVE, is the ultimate healer of your body, Mind, Spirit. Doing the ON PURPOSE 4-Step Alignment System, program will get you connected you to the incredible healing power, of the human heart.
The complete ON PURPOSE Healing System system is currently available
                                 For Only $60.00 (Normally $75.00).                                        
The "ON PURPOSE  4 Step alignment System includes: 
  • One 2 oz. bottle of "ON PURPOSE" elixir.
  • One (10 ml.) bottle of 100% pure Bulgarian Rose Oil   mixed w/ fractionated Coconut Oil.
  • 9 pages of product usage & instructions on how to optimize the 4 step alignment system with an Affirmation & Heart Healing meditation.
  • One package of 30 (individually wrapped ) tooth picks for Rose oil usage.

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