A 4-Step Alignment System for Balancing the Energy Fields Within and Around the Body

  This ON PURPOSE  4 step program helps people re-connect with their own Healing Heart Energy which then provides them with access to their own "innate" ability to heal themselves and feel the love within. 
LOVE, is the ultimate healer, it heals all wounds, which balances and harmonizes your being, to feel happy & well.


Benefits of the “On Purpose” System


  This ON PURPOSE 4-Step Alignment System is an unique healing method that helps people recognize & reconnects them to their own Healing Heart Energy of love that helps them balance and harmonize the energy fields within & around the body.
   This “On Purpose” 4 step alignment system, is designed to connect you to the healing power of your Heart. Your Heart, is the center of LOVE in your body, your Heart connection is the key to healing yourself.                  

Love, is the "Ultimate Healer" of all Dis-ease

    Forgiveness, is also a BIG part of your healing process. Forgiving, yourself & others, for any hurtful or negative thoughts or actions you have done or done to you,  will go a long way in your healing process.

4 Steps for Getting You “On Purpose”

Best times to do this program is upon arising & before sleep

Step 1. Take 20 drops of the “On Purpose” elixir under your tongue.

Step 2.  Swipe a drop of rose oil, from a toothpick, under your nose.

       Step 3. Say the “Forgiveness Affirmation,” while tapping the body point

                      Step 4. Do the Healing Heart Meditation as described


Step 1

Take 20 drops of " ON PURPOSE"  under your tongue prior to taking the Rose oil.

"On Purpose"

Elixer Includes:

6 Flower Essences & 7 Gem Essences 

6 Flower Essences:

 Holly, Willow, Wild Rose, Mimulus, Rock Rose, Wild Oat

7 Gem Essences 

                    Gold (24 Karats) Silver (99.99% Pure), Diamond, Red Ruby, Rose Quartz,                                 Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli


Step 2

Rose Oil
Inhaling rose oil triggers a positive past memory of childhood of  "happy times" recorded in your emotional, Limbic System, of your brain.
The energies from these memories can heal and resolve past traumas or experiences of hurt, pain, blame, and shame. Healing these negative energies will open your heart to relearn how to "love again".

Step 3

Affirmation and Meditation
I received this guided meditation at 5:05 AM, as a dream, on Dec. 24th, 2020
The Dream
       I was shown in the dream, how to re-connect a person to their own healing heart energy. The guidance I received on that day will benefit ALL people who use this "ON PURPOSE" 4 step alignment System, for years on end.
Step 4 

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