Remote Body Dowsing

"Remote" Body Dowsing Sessions

What is "Remote" Body Dowsing?

    Remote Body Dowsing is a way to work with you on your health issues, from a distance. (from anywhere you are on the planet).  
   All I need, is your permission to do a session for you. I then have access to your "energy field"  to test you for any of your health needs. 
     I do this by tuning into your "energy field " through the use of a pendulum and utilizing my Health Evaluation Scoring system to evaluate the health & functioning of all the organs, glands & systems in your body.

During the Evaluation

  I create a specific program utilizing products and procedures that check what you need to balance the healing energy in your body-mind system. Your unique program utilizes various whole food supplements, specific foods, homeopathy, herbal remedies and various holistic healing modalities.
       If any organ, gland or system is over-functioning or under-functioning, it will eventually become a problem or a concern that can affect other organs, glands and systems in your body.     When you look at the body as a whole organism, any overactive or underactive area of the body must be prioritized and brought back into balance through the use of whole food supplements, herbs, homeopathy, diet, and exercise.

After Your Evaluation is Completed

    I will contact you with "My Findings" in your evaluation.  This is a detailed report of what the results were from your scores on my scoring chart evaluation sheet. I then give you all the necessary information and suggestions on what you need to do to achieve optimal health.

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