Methylene Blue

"One of the most potent medicines ever discovered"


       The information below was extracted by me from the book “The ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue" by Mark Sloan

      During this 20 century, scientific breakthroughs have proven that virtually ALL diseases, have in origin, a                     mal-functioning metabolic pathway. Methylene Blue, re-balances this pathway while improving the mitochondrial function of blood cells.  This is the quickest way to restore health and vitality in the human body.  

     Methylene Blue is non-toxic, a synthesized anti-oxidant supplement that increases cellular respiration to increase oxygen levels in the blood cells. This amazing, natural substance, repairs, restores, and regenerates the essential mitochondria, the powerhouse of a cell that produces ATP (energy) in human cells and is one of the most powerful        anti-oxidant in existence.

Methylene Blue Ingredients

     Methylene Blue 1% > 1 fl. oz. Restructured water, Methylene Blue (USP Grade 1%) Organic  Glycerin, Energetically Enhanced with Sun-charged Essence of Gold (99.9% pure Gold)

                             Top Ten Benefits of Methylene Blue

· Antidote for many chemical poisons, toxins & drug overdoses

· Greatest Anti-Malarial substance ever discovered in medical history.

· A Virus Warrior for >  parasites, fungi, candida, viruses, ( Hepatitis, HIV, Ebola, West Nile, Covid 19, Herpes, Epstein Barr.                

· Inhibits Nitric Oxide, a powerful free radical toxin that negatively affects brain function, muscle growth & performance, hormone production and a major cause of overall aging.

· Enhancement of cognitive perception

· Reduces Depression, Bi-Polar, Dementia, Alzheimer’s & Parkinson's

· Hope for healing Autism

· A Great Pain Reliever

· Healthier Heart

· Cancer cell killer

                              Other Researched Benefits of Methylene Blue

· Brain Booster > increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain.

· Improves and prevents memory loss.

· Improves focus, comprehension & concentration.

· Protectant, by diminishing neurological inflammation in the Brain from free radical damage.

· Has detoxification properties such as removing most pathogenic microbes like: Candida, Parasites, Molds, Viruses & Bacterial wastes living in your body. 

· Enhances ATP Energy regeneration of the mitochondria which slows the aging process & increase oxygen in the brain cells.

· Reduces oxidative brain stress, environmental toxins, GMO’s, EMF’s & free radicals in the body.

                                             Safety Guidelines                                                               Methylene Blue should NOT be given to babies.                                                                                                                   DO NOT take Methylene Blue if you are pregnant or breast feeding.                                                                                 Methylene Blue CAN be taken with Anti-depressants ( SSRI medications) Paxil, Prozac or Zoloft                                         ( if your daily dosage of Methylene Blue is under 200 mg.)


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