Essiac Tea -  Immuna-T

Price: $33.00

Availability: 2 oz. dropper bottles - 20 day supply

Essiac Tea formula is now celebrating it's 100 years anniversary. It has healed hundreds of thousands of people over it's 100 years of existance. It is still being sold Worldwide to this day.

Immuna-T is Essiac Tea in a tincture form, the most potent form of herbal medicine. It is the exact same formula & proportion ratios, as the original Essiac tea created in 1922 by a Red Cross nurse Rene Caisse from Canada.

    Additional Ingredient:   Roger added a Sun - Infused "Essence of Gold" into the formula as a catalyst to restructure any mis-aligned energies in the body, To balance both hemispheres of the brain, while attracting positive energies & memories of your personal growth and Spiritual Illumination. 


     Immuna-T is used in conjunction with White Pine Bark, which eliminates the toxins that the Immuna-T has dumped into the blood & lymph system for elimination from the body through the liver & kidneys.

     Therefore, you will want to start with 2 bottles of Immuna-T. (will last for 40 days.)                                  .                             You will also need 1 bottle of White Pine Bark  (will last for 30 days).Used in combination with Immuna-T