White Pine Bark

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 White Pine Bark is an important part of the detoxification process. White Pine Bark, works in tandem with Immuna – T by removing the cellular wastes, chemicals & toxins that were dumped into the blood & lymph system by taking the Immuna-T formula and directing them to the liver & kidneys for removal from the body. 

      White Pine Bark Healing Properties: Superior anti-oxidant benefits, Blood sugar balancer, Anti-inflammatory properties, Immune system regulator, Increases blood & lymph circulation. White Pine Bark provides exceptional detoxification of all systems through-out the entire body.

White Pine Bark is used in combination with Immuna-T formula

Dosage:  15 drops in water or juice 2X a day. Maybe taken with the Immuna-T formula. 

1 bottle = 30 day supply.

Contents: 2 fl. ounces of White pine bark and 40% organic corn alcohol in a tincture form.